Our brands

FJM Homebrew

FJM Homebrew is a Homebrew blog and download site targeted at the PlayStation Homebrew scene. with more than 1M+ impressions, FJM Homebrew is a major part of the Homebrew Hub team.


FouadtjuhMaster is a PSP Homebrew developer with more than half a million downloads and worked on a dozen PSP Homebrew projects. His work is displayed on various Homebrew sites including FJM Homebrew.


MASTER Hacks & Homebrew is a YouTube channel aimed at Homebrew related gameplay videos and tutorials. With  100,000+ viewers on content aimed at the Homebrew fanatics.

Homebrew Idol

Homebrew Idol is a PSP and PSVita Homebrew competition  first held in 2008. Homebrew Idol has resulted in dozens unique new Homebrew games and thousands of dollars in prize money.


PS-Media NL

PSP-Media.nl and PS3-Media.nl were the number one spot for Homebrew enthousiasts in the Benelux. PSVITA-Media.nl was added later in 2012. Dating back to 2005, PS-Media NL had thousands of active users in its heyday.

Video Library

Homebrew Video Library strives to be the number one spot for Homebrew gameplay, walkthrough and videos in general.